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RentDouro is a very young company, but very dynamic.

Its main goal is to show one the natural beauty of the Douro River and for that we offer different services.

Rentdouro activities can be divided into two main services:

  • Cruises on Douro River – From the mouth of the River up to the boarder with Spain, in ships that have all the comfort and safety. Rentdouro boats have the capacity from 6 up to 350 people.
  • Nautical Events – Rentdouro can hold different types of events, for all types of groups, through custom programs, such as Weddings; Anniversaries; Meetings, etc.

One hope that with Rentdouro services you can be delighted with pure moments of leisure in Douro River and his cities, which are World Heritage.

Come meet the Douro River in our company!!!

Operador Marítimo-Turístico Nº 05

Registo Turismo de Portugal: RNAAT nº 22/2001