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The programs described on this brochure are organized by Rentdouro Turismo Nautico, Lda., with head office in Rua Santa Luzia nº 243, parish of S. Pedro da Cova, county of Gondomar and booking offices in Rua São João, nº89, 4050-533 Porto, with a share capital of 60.000,00 Euros. Taxpayer Identification number 505 041 170, registered at C.R.C of Gondomar under the number 55022.

Registration, Reservations and Payment Conditions

All registration and reservations for any single cruises must, whenever possible, be written.

The registration and reservation will only be considered effective after full payment of the total amount of the cruise: 50% in the reservation and remain 50% up to 72 hours before the date of the cruise.

The organizers reserve the right to cancel any registration or reservation that hasn’t fully been paid in the deadline established.

All entities that have as terms of payment with this company of 30 days to count of the date of the invoice, it will be charged interests of deferred payment to the tax in vigour if the date of maturity won’t be fulfilled.

Minimum number of participants 

The accomplishment of any cruise or program depends of a minimum of participants stipulated by Rentdouro. If there isn’t a minimum of participants, the organized company can cancel the trip and without being obliged to any compensation.


The princes indicated for each cruise or program is based on the current costs until the date of publication this brochure and may be altered up to twenty days before the date of each cruise. If the elements that compose the cruises or programs suffer any alteration, the organizers are responsible to inform the customers, who will be able to cancel the registration or reservation.

The prices mentioned on the cruises and programs include applicable Value AddeTax. Children under 03 years old are free and children from 04 up to 11 years old have a reduction of 50%, as long they are duly accompanied.


In the case of the boat isn’t defined in the contract, it will be used to make the service, in available, according to the number of participants.


In case the costumer cancels the registration or reservations, they are obligate to compensate the organizers, on the total value of the reservation, if the cancelation is made after the dead-line indicated in the confirmation of the reservation.

The organizers reserve the right to cancel any cruise or program if: doesn’t exist a minimum of participants; for facts that are not imputable (namely weather conditions; technical breakdowns in the locks at the dams, damages in the boats or other); lack of fulfillment of services supplied by third parties (availability of accommodation, transports or other). In all cases mentioned above, the costumer will be reimbursed for the value already paid or choose another program or date. 


The organizers can change the itineraries and schedules of the cruises; to substitute boats; ways of transport; hotels and other foreseen in the programs for other of similar category, always that will be verified unexpected and beyond Rentdouro control, as weather conditions; technical breakdowns in the locks at the dams; damages in the boats strikes, availability of accommodation, transports or other. These alteration do not obligate the organizers to any compensate.

On the train trips mentioned on our programmes and if CP (Portuguese Trains) can´t make the train service, the journey will be made by bus. 


Complaints shall only be considered if made by the participants during the cruise and submitted in writing during the five days that follow the end of the services provided.

The organizers decline any responsibility of any claim services given for third parties, being these responsible for any compensate or others.


The existence insurance is the one required by the Portuguese Law.

Court of Law

All disputed shall be settled before the Court of the Borough of Gondomar, to the express exclusion of all others.


The information contained is valid from January 1st 2001 up to 31st December 2018.