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Conditions of Use

The programs included in this brochure are organized by RentDouro – Turismo Náutico, Lda., Headquartered at Rua Santa Luzia nº 243, Parish of S. Pedro da Cova, Gondomar Municipality, and with reservations center at Rua de S. João 89, 4050-533 Porto, with a registered capital of 60,000.00 €, taxpayer 505 041 170, registered at the Gondomar Commercial Registry Office, under No. 55022.

Registration, Reservations and Payment Terms
Both bookings and reservations for any cruise or program should be made whenever possible in writing.

Registrations and bookings will only be considered effective upon full payment of the cruise, which is 50% upon booking or registration and the remaining 50% within 72 business hours prior to the cruise date.

The organizing company reserves the right to cancel any registration or reservations if they have not been fully settled within the above deadlines.

For entities with payment terms with this organizer 30 days from the date of the invoice, interest will be charged at the prevailing rate if the due date is not met.

Minimum Number of Participants
The realization of any cruise or program, depends on the minimum number of participants stipulated by RentDouro, if not, allows the organizing company to cancel it, without being obliged to any compensation, but the return of the value if customers do not want to reschedule.

Prices quoted for each cruise or program are based on costs in effect up to the date of printing of this brochure and may be subject to change up to 20 days from the date of each cruise. If the elements that make up the cruises or programs are modified, the company is responsible for informing customers, who may unsubscribe or book.

Prices quoted on cruises or programs already include Value Added Tax. Children up to 03 years old have a 100% discount; Children from 4 to 11 years old have a 50% discount, provided they are properly accompanied.

Contracted services
All services requested / contracted to third parties, such as Local Guides, Cellars, Restaurants, Buses, accommodations, trains etc are services of their full responsibility. Thus, in providing these services, Rentdouro acts solely as an intermediary / sales agent and is not responsible for any claims against such entities resulting from actions on its behalf.

In case the vessel is not defined in contract, it will be used to perform the service available according to the number of participants.

Cancellation of pre-bookings or bookings of any cruise by the customer (whether individuals, agencies, companies or others) will apply the following cancellation charges:

30 to 15 days before the cruise date: 50% of the total reservation amount
14 to 1 days before cruise date: 100% of total booking amount
No show on cruise day: 100% of the total amount of the reservation, being Travel Agency clients.
All cancellation charges are subject to additional charges incurred by Rentdouro Lda, such as transportation, hotel accommodation, food and beverage, outsourced services or other non-refundable charges related to the customer booking. These additional costs will be charged to the customer in addition to the normal cancellation charges.

Cancellation of booking or booking of any cruise by the customer obliges the customer to compensate the company for the full amount of the cruise if it is made after the cancellation deadline stated in the booking confirmation.

The organizer reserves the right to cancel any Cruise / Program if: There is no minimum number of participants; for reasons not attributable to it, such as weather conditions, lock damage, damage to or damage to vessels, CP damage, etc. among other non-compliance with services provided by third parties such as unavailability of lock times, unavailability of accommodation, unavailability of transport, among other situations. In any of the above cases, the customer will be reimbursed for the amount already paid or alternatively accept another program or date, “without any right to compensation”.

In the case of vouchers from our Partners, customers can cancel the reservation entitled to rebooking, if they order 8 days before the scheduled date. Should we need to cancel Cruises / Programs, customers should contact our Partner if they do not wish to reschedule for another date or program and resolve the situation with them as they paid and purchased the voucher.

The organizer may change the itineraries and schedules of cruises, replace vessels, means of transport, hotels and others provided for in the programs with others of a similar category, whenever unforeseen situations occur and beyond its control, such as weather conditions, damage to locks, damage to vessels, strikes, unavailability of accommodation, transportation, or others. These changes do not oblige the organizer to receive any compensation.

For train travel mentioned in all programs, if CP is not available 2 days in advance to provide the service, the journey will be by bus. If during this period trains are available for the trip, they remain marked on the bus. The organizer is not obliged to buy train tickets on the day after having already contracted another means of transport.

In the event of train failure / delays, CP is responsible for travel, as this is a service purchased in advance from third parties although travel is included in the program. Whatever questions you may have regarding trains must be to this entity the CP.

These changes do not oblige the organizer to any compensation program.

Any claims will only be considered if made by participants during the cruise or program and submitted in writing within 5 days of the terms of service.

The organizer declines any responsibility for any claims of services rendered by third parties, who are responsible for any compensation or otherwise.

Existing insurances are those required by Portuguese law.

Shelf life
The information contained is valid from 01/01/2001 to 12/31/2018.

Only the district court of Gondomar has jurisdiction to settle disputes that may exist.

Mandatory delivery of the Voucher on the day of the cruise / program to Guia to enjoy the same.
If they do not deliver the Voucher, they will not be able to make the Cruise / Program on that day, nor may they reschedule for another day, and are not entitled to any refund of amounts already paid.